The best inexpensive projector

The best inexpensive projector

We will combine the two budget projector guides into one tight guide to help you find the best projector for your needs. See more
Chris Hynonen

As a result of testing over 150 hours on 20 home theater projectors, the BenQ HT 2050 can be said to be the best projector under $ 1,000. Unprecedented contrast ratio, luminous efficiency, and impressive color accuracy help to compete with projectors at twice the cost.

The BenQ HT2050 uses the RGB color wheel, which produces richer and brighter colors than other DLP.1 projectors, and it is much easier to install with a zoom lens than any other projector under $ 1000. Vertical offset zoom gives some tolerance compared to near the screen, but you can avoid the Tra Phase effect with vertical offset. The speaker of this BenQ model is not exceptional, but it is better than a budget projector. The biggest disadvantage of HT 2050 is that its own DLP chip design can produce visible rainbow effects for some viewers.2 But most people do not see it or do not notice it.

The Epson Home Cinema 2100 projector is brighter than the BenQ HT 2050 and is ideal for family rooms and other places where ambient light can not be controlled. People who use DLP projectors as LCD projectors can not see rainbow artifacts. However, the BenQ DLP projector is sharp and provides twice the contrast ratio of this Epson model.
Among the five low-cost projectors tested, the BenQ TH 670 had the best contrast ratio and color quality. In addition, it provides a wide range of easy-to-understand image settings and can control the displayed image in more detail. TH670 has two image modes, 970 lumens for standard display and 1939 lumen for active brilliant color mode. The company says the lamp can be used up to 10,000 hours, depending on the mode used. It also offers built-in speakers, low input offsets for video games, backlit remote control, 3D video support at an affordable price.

The BenQ HT2150ST can be placed closer to your screen or wall than usual. This model is very bright and easy to install, with built-in speakers, you can quickly prepare improvised movie nights. Its color wheel does not produce brighter colors as the short projection distance of the HT 2050 and focus is lost to the edge of the image due to the complex optical system of the short distance lens of this model, but its value. There is almost no compromise. You want a big picture in a small area like an apartment in a city.
Since 2008 I have discussed TV, Blu-ray player, home theater equipment. In the past I have created and updated Blu-ray and DVD benchmarks with the secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. It is also trained in ISF to evaluate image quality and provides up-to-date information on all current and future HDR standards.

Who is it for?
The projector in this price range will not be as beautiful as the TV screen on that day. In this price range, there is no latest TV series 4K and HDR support. However, if screen size is top priority and you do not have your own home theater, this guide’s Spotlight is for you.

Each of our options easily hangs 100 to 120 inch photos in a box you can move on demand. There is no heavy sign and you do not need to install it permanently. These projectors are designed to suit a variety of viewing conditions even if they are installed on a permanent ceiling installed in a medium-sized home theater or installed in a living room. Just by setting the blackout curtain, you always get amazing photos.

I focused mainly on projectors for watching movies and television programs. The corporate projector is cheap and bright, but it focuses on the colors that look bright. Competing with sunlight from the window of the office, it is not a color that produces light, it is best for movies. As a result, her image may not be realistic with cartoon green, blurred red, cyan thin blue.

If we want to spend more expense to set up a dedicated home theater, we will choose a nice home theater projector and make another review. However, in order to realize this setting, it is necessary to completely control the lighting environment that excessive light adversely affects the black level, canceling the performance degradation, and installing this high-end projector on PC Function and function You can make full use of it. Otherwise, I appreciate the flexibility and brightness of the choices in this guide.

All projectors require a screen. Just throwing it on the wall creates an image, but that does not help the projector to look best. (If you are planning, you can save a little more money and choose the best cheapest projector.) The good news is that we do not have to spend too much to get a big screen.

How do you decide?
A projector can range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands. However, the image quality does not increase in proportion to the price. More often, the jewel is displayed at a specific price. In my experience with projector reviews at all levels, common numbers provide better contrast ratio (and therefore better picture). However, higher prices do not necessarily guarantee more light output (eg BenQ is 3000 dollars higher than some projectors) and do not guarantee even more features (such as 3D).

The two most important functions of the projector are the contrast ratio and the brightness. Roughly speaking, the contrast ratio represents the quality of the image and the brightness represents the size of the image that can be created before it looks light.

Measurement of the contrast ratio can be done easily, so you can not trust what you read in the datasheet.

The contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of the image. High contrast ratio means dark black and bright white. A low contrast ratio means that the image looks blurred. The projector in this price range does not have a good contrast ratio, but it certainly is superior to other projectors.

I’d like to provide a minimal specification for finding a list of functions, but the sad thing is that contrast measurements are easy and that you can not trust what you read in the datasheet. Therefore, the only way to get reliable performance information is to read comments. As for the results measured in this price range, those exceeding 1,000: 1 are good. If you spend more, you can reach a ratio of up to 5000: 1, but only in complete darkness. If you spend less, this number will drop to about 600: 1.

The brightness and light output of the projector are almost equal to the contrast ratio. The luminous flux (obviously) determines not only the brightness of the image but also the size of the image (the luminance of the image decreases according to the size of the image) and determines the type of the image. Screens you can use. If you have a room that is not completely dark please look for a projector that radiates more lumens. Ambient light means not increasing the contrast ratio, brightness is more important.

The luminance measurement given in the data sheet is more accurate than the contrast ratio, but it is measured in a very incorrect mode that you do not want to use. Cut a more accurate half number. For example, if you think that 1,000 lumens is enough for a 100 inch picture, you need to find a projector with over 2,000 lumens and allow for it.

After brightness and contrast, color accuracy follows, followed by resolution and color temperature.

Accurate color means that everything you see will look more realistic and natural. Some projectors can not produce saturated colors and can not create yellow or red. However, in the case of a projector, the selected screen differs from television, which affects color accuracy. For items other than a neutral white screen, the results may not be accurate.
Roughly speaking, the contrast ratio represents the quality of the image and the brightness represents the size of the image that can be created before it looks light.

Resolution is the end of a large element of image quality and is much more important in projectors than television. Ideally, a full-genre 1080p projector is necessary because in this genre it is possible to create large and fine images with no visible pixels. The result of the 720p projector seems a bit soft, and if such a model produces a large image (or sitting), the pixel will be displayed. In extreme cases, you can have transparency effect. Today we can use 4K projector, but it starts at $ 2,000. If you are interested, please visit the home theater projector guide.

In addition to image quality, you need to find a function that makes setup easier.

A zoom lens with a projection ratio of about 1 or less makes it easy to install the projector inside the room. If the projection rate is much bigger, you may not be able to get the big picture as you want.

Lens shift enhances the flexibility of placing the projector above or below the screen and makes installation easier.

Even if you choose DLP or LCD projection technology, this price is not big difference. But if you want to know the difference, take a look at CNET’s discussion on DLP, LCD, and LCoS pros and cons. LCoS is not available at this price.

In the original guide, I gathered a list of all the projectors in the price range of 1000 dollars that received a positive evaluation. This was an amazingly short list, but an objective and detailed metric review was done on just a few sites. Since color and finish of movies and televisions are generally not good with the color and finish of the home theater projector, the professional projector has also been abolished. In some cases, the manufacturer had several models that seem to meet our standards. In such a situation, I asked the company the model that is most suitable for our needs and competition.

In the latest update, we tested the four new models of BenQ and Epson and confirmed their behavior.

Best laptop with budget less than 850 dollars: 1080 p

Best laptop with budget less than 850 dollars: 1080 p

1: Acer Nitro 5 Gaming 15.6 “Notebook PC (AN 515-51-55 WL) $ 649

Bad News First: Acer Nitro 5 is not the hottest laptop on the shelf. The big lens and the plastic frame do not make it favorable, but the things inside have a balance of boring aesthetics.

This price is good! If you are satisfied with a 256 GB SSD as a single storage solution (extensible), you can take it home for $ 649. This Nitro 5 model features a 7 th generation Intel Core i5 7300 HQ processor, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, 8 GB DDR 4 memory (expandable to 32 GB), and 3 USB ports (including USB 3.1 type C).

Strangely, a model with 1 TB hard disk instead of SSD is available for an additional $ 100. This makes SSD version a bargain despite the lack of storage capacity. At this price, it is common to find only integrated graphics cards, not dedicated GPUs.

2: MSI GL 62 M 7 REX – 1896 US 15.6 “849 $


The $ 849 prize is a generous MSI 15 inch game laptop that is only in the slim and lightweight category. He provides specifications to make the cost very competitive.

First of all, instead of Core i 5, we have a quad core Intel Core i7 7700 HQ processor. This means your people who relocate your gameplay will raise your head on the rest of the system. A standard 8 GB memory is available, but DDR 3, not DDR 4. There are also two hard drives. 128 GB 1 TB SSD hybrid drive that handles system tasks and provides sufficient storage for games and videos. The Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti also features an excellent Steelseries keyboard with red lighting. I already used this keyboard. It is fun to type and play.

Visually it is a wonderful laptop, but the matte black surface is a fingerprint or grease magnet so put it in a carrying case and bring the cloth of microfiber close to your hand! But what is offered here is persuasive.

3: Dell Inspiron 15 $ 7567,777

When the GTX 1050 came out on the market about a year ago, it was 849 dollars. Therefore, if you drop nearly 100 dollars and purchase an improved GPU you can gain value.

Alienware builds a laptop like a tank (I think it is a good point indeed), even with custom specifications for gaming enthusiasts for bling and high end, Dell quietly considers that discreet consumer We have been improving products for. It is not new, but the Inspiron 15 7567 needs to be highly appreciated. Visually I appreciate the black design with red accents and give it a cold and chic look “Hey, I am a player!

It has Core i5 7300 HQ for high quality 1080p games and of course GTX 1050 Ti. They also have 8GB of DDR4 memory and 256GB of SSD … not much. It can always be improved, but it is the only aspect of this system that gives me a break. Your opinion may be different.

Inspiron 15 has advantages that most of this list does not offer. Down facing subwoofers usually add punches to the sound of poor computer laptops. In addition, it kills other people when the battery life expires, and it takes 11 hours for non-game work. It is rare for game notebooks.

4: ASUS VivoBook 15.6 “(M580VD-EB54)

The easiest option is VivoBook ASUS, which is clocked at 5 pounds and has a very thin chassis. It also stands out as the most stylish of the group. This is important for those who need a laptop that can be used in a professional environment.

As expected, I am managing the Intel Core i5 7300 HQ processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD memory. Unlike the above laptop, GPU is GTX 1050 of 2 GB VRAM.

The connectivity is robust and the keyboard is wonderful, but paying here is the form factor and design. This adopts a unibody aluminum design which is the same as MacBook Pro. It is completely separate from the cheapest gaming laptop. GTX 1050 instead of GTX 1050 Ti with unique storage solution. It is on this list to manage that it exists as both a stylish daily driver for work and a competent slot machine.

For pure performance, MSI’s mysterious GL62M 7REX-1896US is the big winner. If you want to spend a minimum amount of money on a high quality 1080p game, Best Buy ‘s Acer’ s Nitro V is just superior in terms of price.

Here are all the options. As long as you mitigate your expectations and research that the budgeting system sometimes needs to save money is a good opportunity.

Find the best laptop of less than $ 500

Find the best laptop of less than $ 500

Welcome to the latest Weekly Professional Guide. Low cost gaming laptops are sold at less than $ 500, based on sales, hardware strength, retail discounts, professional reviews and benchmarks.

Cheap laptops are almost as mythical as unicorns in the eyes of most players, finding them online can be a real chore. We search the web every week to find the best laptop under $ 500 and post it here for those looking for a new mobile machine. If you need to compare the specifications of each laptop computer, you can see an overview of all the budget netbook hardware in the high level guide of the best gaming notebook 2017/2018. The more power users, the best laptop with less than $ 1,000, the best laptop with less than $ 1,500, guide to our guide, the best VR Lady Game laptop, if we can get the most requested Maximize hard games. If you are not a gamer, for non-gaming laptops please visit the laptop’s standard manual below $ 500. Desktop enthusiasts may want to read a guide to the most affordable desktop computers at DesktopNinja on their sister site.

Best Cheap Game Laptop – Best Choice
These cheap game notebooks are currently on the market or are actual transactions and offer special deals for mobile gamers. We tried to limit all options to less than $ 500, but in some cases saving a bit will greatly improve performance. In this case, I am building a good laptop less than $ 600. I would like to have the best value for money in terms of gross performance. If you are using the computer for the first time, please refer to the LaptopMag Laptop Buying Guide and ask before you make the final decision.

Note: If you want to play a new game, we strongly recommend investing with a dedicated graphics unit of $ 600 or more. Graphics with integrated graphics usually only work for older old titles.

Best gaming laptop under $ 500
Laptops are not as powerful as game notebooks with their own graphics cards, but laptops under $ 500 incorporate high-end graphics that can play many legacy games.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33 BM 15.6 inch

Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM is currently the best recommended game notebook for $ 500. It is equipped with the Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card with the latest Intel i3 Kaby Lake processor, USB 3.1 type -C and Bluetooth 4.1. Contemporary gaming performance is inferior, but it is cheaper than $ 100 more than many similar laptops such as Inspiron I3567 and HP Pavilion 17 1 BQ 14 UA, offering superior price to performance ratio compared to competitors. The Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM is equipped with the 7th generation Intel Core i3-7100U processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM and can perform simple tasks such as video streaming, web browsing, word processing and so on. Although most players prefer at least 8 GB of RAM to get the best performance, Acer has a fortunately easy access to RAM access panel. We recommend installing the second 4 GB RAM module cheaply and cheaply. Without a dedicated graphics card, new games will be difficult, but E5-575-33BM can easily handle common games like Counter-Strike GO with medium to high settings. Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM offers a 1366×768 entry level display for laptop computers under $ 500, but comes with 1920×1080 full HD display. The 1000 GB storage drive is large, but it is small compared to modern SSD. You can also replace it with an affordable SSD, which means that SSD at the same size cost as much as a laptop, which means that you will sacrifice space for speed. Overall, the Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM is packed with features expected from more expensive laptops and offers the latest generation of Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated graphics at the best possible price I will.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33 BM 15.6 inch
The NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 and 940 MX dedicated graphics card provides four times the performance of the cheapest laptop in this guide. We strongly recommend investing in a laptop with a dedicated video card if you want to make new games. For more information, see the $ 1000 Underrated Gaming Laptop Manual.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576 G-5762 15.6 inches

Acer Aspire E15 E5-576G-5762 15.6 is the latest gaming notebook for less than $ 600, if you are ready to save even more for the best gaming experience. Intel i5-8250U processor with dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card and 8 GB RAM which can easily perform the most difficult task. The dedicated MX 150 is Nvidia’s next generation mobile GPU with improved performance compared to the previous generation 940 MX. RAM can be upgraded to 16 GB of RAM, but multitasking is not a problem as it can run multiple applications and browser windows at the same time. It comes with a fairly small SSD and offers only 256 GB of storage, but you can add an SSD or additional hard drive if you want. E15 has a Full HD IPS screen, but it may be darker than the high-end screen. Regardless, you get a decent viewing angle, matte finish prevents potential glare. Battery life is about 8 hours and 30 minutes, but Acer will take up to 15 hours of battery life, but in heavy applications and games battery life will be greatly improved. The NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 is not stupid at all compared to high-end cards. Most contemporary AAA titles cause problems, but if you miniaturize the graphic, you can easily reproduce the next title. The keyboard and trackpad are endorsed by most owners of this machine. Many users received many incorrect machines, so there were many important comments on quality control. This is only a selection of some reviews, but it is important to always check that you are eligible for a free return. E 15 E 5 – 576 G – 5762 is a unique recommendation if you are looking for a notebook with a powerful graphics card and a rugged battery at an affordable price.

The best VR headset for your mobile phone

The best VR headset for your mobile phone

Oculus Go is currently available and will be tested with Google’s standalone Daydream headset and Lenovo’s Mirage Solo. Both models were added to the expected parts.
Your guide

Brewster sign

We worked on 35 hours of research and testing. And Samsung Gear VR (SM-R325) is far superior as Google Mobile’s best virtual reality glasses with Google Daydream View. , But both options work only with some major Android based phones and are not worth buying a new mobile phone. (The owner of the iPhone does not have a good VR option yet.)

Samsung Gear VR works with Galaxy S mobile phones and the most popular Android phones in Samsung Note and offers the best mobile VR games like Minecraft and Land’s End. It is not as comfortable as a light daydream view: I thought that some of our testers fits the shape of the face, but others thought that the face was too heavy. The included Gear VR controller tracks the position and position of hands, making entry-level VRs fun and easy to use. However, it is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge S6, Edge S6, S7, Edge S7, S8, S8 +, or Note 8.

Daydream View is a lightweight and comfortable VR headset that works with phones that are different from the gear’s VR. There are not many games and applications, but Gear VR like YouTube or HBO Now is lacking. The helmet is comfortable than Gear VR, it is made of soft and lightweight material which is not disturbing. The controller functions in the same way as Gear VR, but the number of buttons is small, which makes it easier for beginners to use, but it is not unobtrusive. In Daydream View, we have a wide range of flagship Android phones such as Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, last year’s two years, LG V30. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are the only phones that are compatible with both headsets.
Headphones ETVR 3D VR

If you are looking for the cheapest VR experience and do not have a phone that works with the best options or if you own an iPhone and are ready to purchase a headset, the ETVR 3D VR headset will be 7 Cheap helmets that we test and offer the best combination of low cost, comfort and adjustability. Quality is not indifferent, but it is enough for experiments on cardboard applications, which is Google’s ecosystem.

Over the past four years I have written and wrote a virtual reality headset with publications such as TechCrunch, MIT Technology Review, Gigaom. As a personal author of Wirecutter, I tested everything from inexpensive mobile-based virtual reality headsets to high-end desktop headsets. I have a deep understanding of the characteristics that create the difference and developed a way to recognize (and avoid) problems related to this emerging technology.

Visionary VR CEO, Gil Baron, Sophia Dominguez, CEO and co-founder of SVRF. Ben Lang, co-founder of the way to VR. Mr. Bruce Wooden, Alzspace VR’s experience manager, knows what is considered to be an important element of the mobile headset and how they fit the extensive ecosystem of the virtual reality headset I can.

Who is it for?
When you install the VR headset, it jumps into the virtual world where you can see by turning your head like the real world. You can get a corresponding mobile VR headset that can access content such as about $ 100 (if you already have a smartphone), short film, adventure game, adult and children’s puzzle. These devices are cheaper and more portable, and installation is much easier than high-end desktop VR headphones. In addition, because mobile phones are used as computers and screens, it is easy to solve.

But serious gamers who spend over $ 300 (plus the cost of computers and consoles) need to consider options such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR. Follow your hands in the universe. Daydream and gear VR provide basic hand tracking with remote control, but limited to one hand and less accurate than desktop version. A cheaper helmet sometimes provides a basic remote place, but in fact it does not protect your hand.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a mobile VR headset rather than an Office version is true mobility in addition to price. You can carry it on an airplane or take it home and show it to a friend’s house. (You can carry it on the subway, but you probably should not do it. In this early stage, everyone wants to try virtual reality. Mobile headsets can be travel evangelists. Warn you that your cell phone battery is not happy about it.

It is not worth changing the phone to get a specific VR headset. Neither Daydream nor Gear VR has an attractive technology or application ecosystem to make it an indispensable device. Instead, select the option to work with the cell phone you have and only work with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

The best PS 4 headphones

The best PS 4 headphones

Dennis burger

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha is ideal if you are looking for a PlayStation 4 game headset that offers the best combination of performance, comfort and performance. Built beautifully based on a proven design, it has an effective percussive base-forward sound with low output of the dual shock 4 controller.
Of all the wired headsets we tested, Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of a few that provides a truly satisfying sound experience when connected to a PS4 controller. In this respect, it exceeds the original HyperX Cloud which is the current headset for PC gamers when connected to PS4. In almost all cases, whatever you like the original cloud applies to Alpha. Its structure is excellent, it is excellent in sound insulation, and in terms of durability it is rarely the same.

Normally we say “I must spend an extra $ X to find a better headset for PS 4”, but most of the expensive headsets I tested are output dual shock heads The set can be delivered. In that case, there really is not much benefit for more expenditure.
PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphone
Even if you do not need them, even if you are looking for an editable and customizable personal audio experience for PS 4, those who hate the cable will love about the Sony PlayStation Gold update. Wireless headphones. This highly refined version of the original gold gold features excellent durability, better performance, excellent style compared to the original gold. The truth is that you can purchase a better, more comfortable wireless headset for over $ 50, but you can adjust the volume of headphones with a very interesting feature called Sony’s unique virtual surround sound processing.

In addition to the review of Home Tech, Home Tech Tel, Electronic Home, Big Picture Big Sound, Digital TV & Sound, Home Theater (Current Sound & Vision), Home Theater Reviews, and Residential System Headphones, Speakers, Receivers, Home Theater Devices, For over half a century over 70 hours of headphones have been tested for Wirecutter’s Guide to Best PC Games Headsets. I have been a dedicated player since 1980 and have spent at least 15 to 18 hours a week wearing a helmet.

How to select and test
I summarized all the models in this guide, and I summarized some of the best PC game headsets and models that actually did not cut in this guide. When searching for our favorite PS4 headphones, why should we look at the finalists? Simply put, since the PS4 controller can not supply the power required to control some headsets, it is not always the case that the headphones that sound good on the PC are always good at the Sony console. When testing on PS4, we focused on the following criteria:

Can it eat easily? Most of our favorite PC game headsets seemed rather ugly when connected to DualShock 4. Even our premium PC game headset seemed to be a bit brighter and quiet on the base. PC sound card can provide more power to headphones. We needed something that could provide dynamic sound without many juices.
Is it easy to connect? Most wired PC game headsets end with a 3.5 mm jack for audio output and two ports for microphone input. PS4 controller has only 4 pin jack for audio and microphone. Therefore, most wired headsets require additional adapters to make two cables one. We prefer headphones that end with a single 4-pin socket (and extra Y splitter is required if used with a PC). For wireless headsets, we recommend that you use one with a simple USB transmitter, not a large transmitter that requires an optical audio connection.
Is it comfortable? Most of our respondents say comfort is as important as sound quality. However, the console focuses on short-term comfort rather than durability throughout the day. According to a recent study by Nielsen, most console gamblers spend an average of 6.65 hours per week, spending much less time in the same study than PC players, much less than weekly.
Can you hear me? We have not been looking for broadcast here. As long as the teammate on the other side of the compound can understand each other without disturbing the background noise, I touched the microphone.

The best all-in-one computer

The best all-in-one computer

As a result of more than 35 hours of survey and testing, the HP Envy All-in-One 27b145se has a slim, 27-inch screen with sufficient processing power to make it the best all-in-one computer for most people It is a compact design.

$ 1,600 from HP
The 2760 x 1440 touch screen is one of the most accurate ones we tested. The computer also has additional features such as touch-sensitive audio control and HDMI passport. Most users recommend using the Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 2 TB hard drive, and dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 M graphics card. Envy 27 is not a good choice for those who want to play graphics and challenging games, but it’s perfect for everything else, from web surfing to content creation.

Apple iMac (27 inches, with retina display)
If you prefer Windows from MacOS, I appreciate Apple’s latest 27-inch iMac $ 1,800 model. Professional photo and video editing, a dynamic 5K display ideal for AMD Radeon Pro 570 graphics processor with 7 generations of Intel Core i5-7500 processor, 8 GB memory, 1 TB Fusion drive, 4 GB video memory I have it. This is expensive, but there are convenient choices for ports, the keyboard and mouse are better than most Windows All-in-One. If necessary, you can easily add up to 64 GB of memory later. It’s fast enough for light games. The iMac does not support HDMI or DisplayPort connection, but it is the best option if you need a Mac.

If you want a small screen or low price, you get Asus Zen AiO ZN 241 ICUT. It’s not as strong as our first choice, but in most cases it’s still fast enough, usually it costs about $ 700. The biggest disadvantage is the 24-inch 1080p screen. You also need to live with poor sound and less inspirational design using HDMI pass-through port and USB-C port or Thunderbolt-3 port. Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB hard drive, Intel integrated graphics. Like advanced Envy or iMac it will not work in five years, but it’s a fast computer for Web browsing, video chat, office document work, and even simple image editing.
Why should you trust us?
Ben Keough operated adult life (and much of his early childhood) on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and built computers for himself, his friends, and family. In the workplace he was in charge of introducing and maintaining the system at the university’s computer laboratory, helping to evaluate laptop at and processing dozens of PCs at exhibitions such as CES and IFA Berlin.

Thorin Klosowski wrote about technology to switch between Windows and Mac for the past 10 years. Prior to Wirecutter, I wrote a review of the life hacker, a guide, and various other manuals.

Who should buy this?
All-in-one PC is designed for those who need a high-quality desktop, but I do not want to make the confusion that the desktop tower and its peripherals can create. Most AIO features large and midrange desktops or high-end notebook components that are clearly hidden behind screens or elegant base stations. They tend to cost more than equivalent desktops and PCs that consist of individually purchased parts. Most people can expect payouts between $ 1,400 and $ 2,000 on an all-in-one good device. And you can get a decent budget model of $ 1,000.

Most all-in-one devices are designed for Internet browsing, productivity, and media use. Lightweight games are not a problem, but it’s not all-in-one PC. If you need more computing power to play challenging games or creativity, you probably should not buy an all-in-one. All-in-one designed for gamers and creatives is usually very expensive, it can be more powerful and less scalable than a cheap desktop.

Like ultrabooks, all-in-one devices are not usually designed to be improved. Because most manufacturers do not support upgrading users, the warranty may be invalid. A simple model tends to open weight loss and style of victims, improve and cost more.

Do I need to upgrade?
If you already have your computer, you do not need to upgrade. However, if delay or downtime occurs and reinstalling the operating system does not solve the problem, you may need to upgrade.

All-in-one PC must last 4 to 5 years. If you have purchased a model in recent years and the model number is after i5 or i7 (starting with 4, 5 or 6), you do not need to upgrade yet. AMD chips were slower than comparable Intel processors. Therefore, if you are using an AMD processor several years ago, we recommend that you consider upgrading: none of the all-in-one systems tested in 2017 had the AMD option.

If the current all-in-one device has a mechanical hard drive yesterday and the upgrade is difficult or impossible, you may need a new all-in-one device with SSD. SSD is much faster than a hard drive, it can speed up the process of capturing and loading large files, shortening system startup time dramatically, reducing the time required to load programs. Many of the new AIOs combine a small SSD (128 GB or 256 GB) with a large hard drive (1 TB to 2 TB).

Long time display (27 – 34 inches) is more common and affordable as well as QHD (2560 x 1440) or 4 K (3840 x 2160) resolution screen. If you want to play movies at 4K, if you want a sharper retinal image or if you need more desktop space on the desktop, we recommend you to upgrade to a larger monitor and more powerfully.