Oculus Go is currently available and will be tested with Google’s standalone Daydream headset and Lenovo’s Mirage Solo. Both models were added to the expected parts.
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We worked on 35 hours of research and testing. And Samsung Gear VR (SM-R325) is far superior as Google Mobile’s best virtual reality glasses with Google Daydream View. , But both options work only with some major Android based phones and are not worth buying a new mobile phone. (The owner of the iPhone does not have a good VR option yet.)

Samsung Gear VR works with Galaxy S mobile phones and the most popular Android phones in Samsung Note and offers the best mobile VR games like Minecraft and Land’s End. It is not as comfortable as a light daydream view: I thought that some of our testers fits the shape of the face, but others thought that the face was too heavy. The included Gear VR controller tracks the position and position of hands, making entry-level VRs fun and easy to use. However, it is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge S6, Edge S6, S7, Edge S7, S8, S8 +, or Note 8.

Daydream View is a lightweight and comfortable VR headset that works with phones that are different from the gear’s VR. There are not many games and applications, but Gear VR like YouTube or HBO Now is lacking. The helmet is comfortable than Gear VR, it is made of soft and lightweight material which is not disturbing. The controller functions in the same way as Gear VR, but the number of buttons is small, which makes it easier for beginners to use, but it is not unobtrusive. In Daydream View, we have a wide range of flagship Android phones such as Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, last year’s two years, LG V30. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are the only phones that are compatible with both headsets.
Headphones ETVR 3D VR

If you are looking for the cheapest VR experience and do not have a phone that works with the best options or if you own an iPhone and are ready to purchase a headset, the ETVR 3D VR headset will be 7 Cheap helmets that we test and offer the best combination of low cost, comfort and adjustability. Quality is not indifferent, but it is enough for experiments on cardboard applications, which is Google’s ecosystem.

Over the past four years I have written and wrote a virtual reality headset with publications such as TechCrunch, MIT Technology Review, Gigaom. As a personal author of Wirecutter, I tested everything from inexpensive mobile-based virtual reality headsets to high-end desktop headsets. I have a deep understanding of the characteristics that create the difference and developed a way to recognize (and avoid) problems related to this emerging technology.

Visionary VR CEO, Gil Baron, Sophia Dominguez, CEO and co-founder of SVRF. Ben Lang, co-founder of the way to VR. Mr. Bruce Wooden, Alzspace VR’s experience manager, knows what is considered to be an important element of the mobile headset and how they fit the extensive ecosystem of the virtual reality headset I can.

Who is it for?
When you install the VR headset, it jumps into the virtual world where you can see by turning your head like the real world. You can get a corresponding mobile VR headset that can access content such as about $ 100 (if you already have a smartphone), short film, adventure game, adult and children’s puzzle. These devices are cheaper and more portable, and installation is much easier than high-end desktop VR headphones. In addition, because mobile phones are used as computers and screens, it is easy to solve.

But serious gamers who spend over $ 300 (plus the cost of computers and consoles) need to consider options such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR. Follow your hands in the universe. Daydream and gear VR provide basic hand tracking with remote control, but limited to one hand and less accurate than desktop version. A cheaper helmet sometimes provides a basic remote place, but in fact it does not protect your hand.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a mobile VR headset rather than an Office version is true mobility in addition to price. You can carry it on an airplane or take it home and show it to a friend’s house. (You can carry it on the subway, but you probably should not do it. In this early stage, everyone wants to try virtual reality. Mobile headsets can be travel evangelists. Warn you that your cell phone battery is not happy about it.

It is not worth changing the phone to get a specific VR headset. Neither Daydream nor Gear VR has an attractive technology or application ecosystem to make it an indispensable device. Instead, select the option to work with the cell phone you have and only work with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

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