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Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha is ideal if you are looking for a PlayStation 4 game headset that offers the best combination of performance, comfort and performance. Built beautifully based on a proven design, it has an effective percussive base-forward sound with low output of the dual shock 4 controller.
Of all the wired headsets we tested, Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of a few that provides a truly satisfying sound experience when connected to a PS4 controller. In this respect, it exceeds the original HyperX Cloud which is the current headset for PC gamers when connected to PS4. In almost all cases, whatever you like the original cloud applies to Alpha. Its structure is excellent, it is excellent in sound insulation, and in terms of durability it is rarely the same.

Normally we say “I must spend an extra $ X to find a better headset for PS 4”, but most of the expensive headsets I tested are output dual shock heads The set can be delivered. In that case, there really is not much benefit for more expenditure.
PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphone
Even if you do not need them, even if you are looking for an editable and customizable personal audio experience for PS 4, those who hate the cable will love about the Sony PlayStation Gold update. Wireless headphones. This highly refined version of the original gold gold features excellent durability, better performance, excellent style compared to the original gold. The truth is that you can purchase a better, more comfortable wireless headset for over $ 50, but you can adjust the volume of headphones with a very interesting feature called Sony’s unique virtual surround sound processing.

In addition to the review of Home Tech, Home Tech Tel, Electronic Home, Big Picture Big Sound, Digital TV & Sound, Home Theater (Current Sound & Vision), Home Theater Reviews, and Residential System Headphones, Speakers, Receivers, Home Theater Devices, For over half a century over 70 hours of headphones have been tested for Wirecutter’s Guide to Best PC Games Headsets. I have been a dedicated player since 1980 and have spent at least 15 to 18 hours a week wearing a helmet.

How to select and test
I summarized all the models in this guide, and I summarized some of the best PC game headsets and models that actually did not cut in this guide. When searching for our favorite PS4 headphones, why should we look at the finalists? Simply put, since the PS4 controller can not supply the power required to control some headsets, it is not always the case that the headphones that sound good on the PC are always good at the Sony console. When testing on PS4, we focused on the following criteria:

Can it eat easily? Most of our favorite PC game headsets seemed rather ugly when connected to DualShock 4. Even our premium PC game headset seemed to be a bit brighter and quiet on the base. PC sound card can provide more power to headphones. We needed something that could provide dynamic sound without many juices.
Is it easy to connect? Most wired PC game headsets end with a 3.5 mm jack for audio output and two ports for microphone input. PS4 controller has only 4 pin jack for audio and microphone. Therefore, most wired headsets require additional adapters to make two cables one. We prefer headphones that end with a single 4-pin socket (and extra Y splitter is required if used with a PC). For wireless headsets, we recommend that you use one with a simple USB transmitter, not a large transmitter that requires an optical audio connection.
Is it comfortable? Most of our respondents say comfort is as important as sound quality. However, the console focuses on short-term comfort rather than durability throughout the day. According to a recent study by Nielsen, most console gamblers spend an average of 6.65 hours per week, spending much less time in the same study than PC players, much less than weekly.
Can you hear me? We have not been looking for broadcast here. As long as the teammate on the other side of the compound can understand each other without disturbing the background noise, I touched the microphone.

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